Our Process

You need a financial planner with depth of experience and a passion for personal service.   Your financial future is our business, so we consider each client relationship to be a partnership and your prosperity and security to be our mutual goal.   Our 5 step consulting process takes people along a path of education allowing them to make informed choices regarding their financial future.

1. Pre-Appointment contact

To provide appropriate advice, we need to thoroughly understand your financial position. Prior to our meeting, it helps to gather all of your necessary information so that we can make the best use of our time together. We will send you a pre-appointment questionnaire and ask that you return that to us before the first meeting.

2. Initial Meeting

This meeting is about looking at your needs, your goals, your current situation, your background, where you would like to be and what is important to you. The fee for this meeting is our hourly rate of $300 (plus GST) we will then refund this fee to you if you decide to proceed to Financial Plan or Strategy phase. The fee for your Financial Plan or Strategy Paper is agreed upon at the conclusion of this meeting.

3. Strategy Meeting

Using the information from the discovery meeting and our experience as financial advisers, we analyse your situation, assess your goals, structure possible solutions and identify key areas requiring attention. These are then detailed in our written Financial Plan or Strategy Paper.

4. Implementation

This involves explanations of our recommendations in detail, we then arrange for implementation of these recommendations. Providing you with a blueprint of your financial plan.

5. Progress Meetings

It is important to keep your financial affairs up to date. The review sessions will take into account any changes in circumstances, as well as any changes to legislation and the market. We will tailor it to fit with your requirements and needs.


What to bring


1. Assets information:

Your most recent investment statements and other relevant asset information about what you own.

2. Expenses:

Consider how much you spend each month and any planned purchases or expenses over the next 3-5 years.

3. Income:

Please bring details about your sources of income.

4. Insurance:

Copies of any Trauma, Income Protection, Total and Permanent Disablement or Death cover you have in place.

5. Mortgages/Loans/Credit Cards:

Please provide details about the debts you’ve incurred and are paying back.

6. Retirement income stream:

Details about any pensions or annuities you already have in place if you’re already retired.

7. Self Managed Super Fund:

Please bring your Trust deed, account information and investment strategy and placement details.

8. Superannuation:

Latest member benefit statement and member booklet (if you have it).

9. Tax return:

Don’t forget your last tax return – both personal and business (if applicable).

Use our checklist to make sure you have everything ready

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