An Ethical Financial Planning Alternative

Financial planning can be daunting enough, without worrying about whether you can trust your adviser! Let us put your mind at ease.

What is so different about working with us?


Blenkhorn Financial Planning is privately owned (by us). We are not owned or governed by any bank, finance provider or insurance company that makes their money selling products. Our product is our superior level of personalised advice and service that are carefully targeted to meet YOUR needs. We won’t recommend products that don’t. That gives us the freedom to help you create yours!

How does that make us an ‘ethical alternative’?

1. Service over products.

We are privately owned by the directors of the practice. We are not owned by a bank or any other product issuer. When you consult with Blenkhorn Financial Planning you are purchasing advice, not a product. Blenkhorn Financial Planning charges a fee for service. This makes us motivated by results for you, not results for us.

2. Tailored solutions for your needs.

In a privately owned practice your Financial Planner will focuses on your needs, not the needs of a bank or insurance provider. Because we are not limited to recommending only one type of product, we can help you by finding products that suit your needs. This makes us motivated by results for you, not results for us.

3. With you for the long term.

We are interested in Longevity : Yours and Ours.  We are not looking for a quick fix from selling you a hyped up product.  We are looking for the best possible outcome for you and your family over all your life changing needs.

4. Commitment to your education.

Our 5 step consulting process takes people along a path of education allowing them to make informed choices regarding their financial future. At Blenkhorn Financial Planning we want you to be well informed and comfortable in all your decisions – our Financial Services Guide on our website explains our processes and fees in plain English.



Meet our advisers

Julia Blenkhorn

Julia Blenkhorn

Principal Financial Adviser

Do you want to live a life by design or by default? Let’s create the life you want. I create compelling financial strategies to support you through every turning point of life, enabling you to achieve your goals securely. The most exciting thing about what I do is taking people to a place they didn’t think was possible. Meet Julia >

Paul Blenkhorn

Paul Blenkhorn

Principal Financial Adviser

Paul began working in financial services in 1987. With over 20 years experience in assisting clients he is well placed to help you achieve your financial goals, whether they are protecting your wealth (life insurance) or assisting in wealth accumulation (superannuation and investing). Meet Paul >

Amelia Blenkhorn

Amelia Blenkhorn

Financial Adviser

Amelia has been with Blenkhorn Financial Planning since 2008, having previously completed a Bachelor of Management in Sport and Exercise at UTS. Amelia began in administration and progressed to Paraplanning whilst completing her Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Financial Services and is now in the process of completing her Certified Financial Planning qualification with the Financial Planning Association. Meet Amelia >

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Our ethical approach to your financial planning is one of our most important qualities.