Financial Planning for Young Families

Finance Planner for Young Families

We’ll help you find the smoothest road ahead.

Life with a young family is an amazing time – incredible highs as you watch your children grow, but it can also bring with it a lot of stress.

Your first home, a bigger home, a bigger car, time off to look after the kids – and most of all, you want to make sure you’re giving your children the very best start for the future.

At this time of life your finances can be under a lot of pressure, but the team at Blenkhorn Financial Planning can help make sure your financial road ahead is smooth. We work with you to create a series of achievable objectives and goals as part of a longer term journey.

Along the way we make sure you have strategies in place for financial security, should you or your family hit any bumps in the road.

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    Just some of the ways we can help include:

    Investment Advice:

    We’ll help you assess which investments suit you now, and in the future, and take the stress out of choosing from the variety of options available.

    Wealth Creation:

    We’ll provide you with tailored strategies that help create wealth and realise your dreams by optimising your earning potential and tax position.


    Few areas of investment are as complex and changeable as superannuation, but it is invaluable to ensure you maintain the lifestyle you deserve in retirement. We’ll help you navigate using the latest intelligence.

    Saving for Your Children’s Education:

    It’s important to plan for your children’s education, whether it’s primary, high school or University. There are some excellent strategies we can help you with to grow your education fund, but it is important to seek financial advice. Unfortunately, many packaged education plans do not deliver solid returns; we can help assess the best vehicle with the best likely return for you.

    Protection and Peace of Mind:

    Insurances like Income Protection, Death & Total and Permanent Disability and Trauma/Critical Illness are all vital covers to have to protect your family, and provide invaluable peace of mind. We’ll help you understand what cover you need and why.
    You don’t need a large income to benefit from the services of a financial planner. We help make your money work smarter for you, and can create a plan to work towards achievable goals, as well as show you how to protect the lifestyle you’re working hard to create.
    I’ve had my income protection policy through Blenkhorn & Associates since 2009. Immediately I felt greatly assured Julia and Amelia had my best interests at heart. They did a great job in determining and then establishing a cover best suited for my circumstances.

    In the time since my cover commenced they have been very helpful with any questions and requests I have had. With a growing appreciation of their industry knowledge and professionalism during this association I have since sort advice from Paul, Julia and Amelia regarding the planning of my future finances. In this area previously, I had a very limited understanding, little confidence and could easily become overwhelmed. Collectively through their great ability to communicate the complexities of financial planning, I have developed an understanding I would never have expected of myself, and now have the greatest confidence in the direction of my financial future. Paul Gray

    Let us help put you on the path to a successful financial future.

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