A 4 Step Easy Plan for Transitioning to Aged Care in Australia

Are your Parents over 65?

aged-care-in-australiaIf you have family who are between 65 – 85 years you know the hard decisions are fast approaching: If there is no way that you can care for your aging mother, father or grandparent at home, how do you find the best residential or nursing care solution? Will you be able to afford a place that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable?

When is the right time to ask for our assistance?

Moving a relative into Aged Care is not something you can decide on the spur of the moment or when your loved one’s health takes a sudden turn for the worse. The process takes time, so the word to the wise is: Start planning early. It used to be that the average age of family members transitioning their loved one to a care facility was 52. Today, the average age is only 43. This means that while you are busy raising your own family, this critical responsibility has been added to your “To Do” List.

The 4 Step Aged Care Plan: Transitioning Ageing Family Into Care

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Following these four steps, you will be able to accomplish this the right way.

Step 1: Schedule a health care assessment for your loved one to determine what level of care is needed. This is also called an ACAT or Aged Care Assessment Team assessment. You can find out how to do this here.

Step 2: Call us now for independent professional advice so that you are prepared with all the information you will need that is specific to your own situation and requirements before moving onto Steps 3 & 4. If you are in any doubts or have any questions at any time you may of course give us a call to discuss your options well before your ACAT Assessment. Everyone has different circumstances and so we are here to help.

Step 3: Select the care facility that offers the right level of care. Your choices range from a high care “extra service” facility to one that is for residents who are able to be somewhat active. Also consider other factors when selecting your relative’s future home, such as which specialists are on staff, how close is it to where the family lives, whether it is convenient to community services, and how pleasant the facility is to live in.

Step 4: Finding the right financing for your situation. Australia offers three payment options for aged care: an accommodation bond, an accommodation bond combined with periodical payment, or a periodical payment plan. A smart strategy for saving money is to take out a larger bond; this can reduce daily care fees, which otherwise can add up very quickly. Government subsidies are also available in many circumstances. The main determining factor is income. Once you have completed Step 1, the health care assessment, you can apply to see if your loved one qualifies for a government subsidy.

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